The first plugin we are going to install is the Jetpack by WordPress plugin. We will be using the Free version. This plugin will allow you to see how many visitors you are getting, where your visitors are coming from and what pages/posts they are viewing.

Lets get started:

Ok this next plugin is a must-have if you promote other people’s products, biz ops and/or services via an affiliate link. Affiliate links even if cloaked via a bitly link do not help you brand your business. . .in essence, you are giving your potential customers to the business that you are promoting for. Let’s stop doing that and start branding your business! I found a source where you can get this plugin for FREE (by giving up your email address; it costs $67 if you want to buy from vendor). So here’s the link to get it for FREE Make sure to watch the video so you know how to get it and install it correctly.

Ok this is the last plugin that we are going to install for our basic training. This plugin will allow you to create blog posts and schedule them to post on whatever day and time you choose. This allows you to create content ahead of time and then it will automatically be posted on your website at a future time that you choose. We are using the Free version of this plugin as well. It is called WP Scheduled Posts

Awesome! Way To Go! Now you have all of the plugins you need to start building your branded website. The fun is about to begin. Click the button below to go to the next lesson.

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