You are not going to create a video and hope that people just stumble across it right?

No you are going to optimize it to be found in ‘search’ in Google or YouTube or any other search engine ( yes, YouTube is a search engine!) for a specific search term, maybe more than one.

So it makes sense to choose what search terms you want to rank for before creating your video. Just don’t get too ambitious out of the gate 😃 here’s why…

Let’s say you want to rank for a popular search term e.g ‘How to lose weight’ but there is simply too much competition – videos with top notch SEO, thousands of views and lots of ‘Likes’ on Channels with thousands of Subscribers.

Instead you should aim at ranking for a ‘long tail’ search term that incorporates that main search phrase:

  • How to lose weight after pregnancy
  • How to lose weight for old people
  • How to lose weight and not put it back on

The competition will be much lower of course and, once you start getting views and engagement you will, over time, rank higher for that main short search term that is also included in your Title.

A quick way to find ideas for long tail keywords is to simply start typing your search terms into Google ( or YouTube) and you will see that Google suggests searches – real terms that people are typing into the search box…

Or look at the bottom of any page of search results…

Speed up the research process using free tools like:

Another consideration to take into account is whether the search term shows ‘Buyer Intent’ – are they looking to find a ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ they are typing into search or just surfing for information?

‘Best diet to lose belly fat’ for example shows more Buyer Intent than ‘Lose belly fat tips’

The point is that the time you take researching search terms to target is time well spent but can take a LOT of man hours – I link to the software I use below to speed up the process. Solid, well supported, proven software – not some new ‘shiny’ app released last week!

The final take away from this module is to make sure that the search terms you are targeting are terms that people are actually searching for otherwise what’s the point?

That said ranking #1 or top of the page for search terms getting as few as 100 searches a month can still be profitable while setting the bar too high and chasing the search terms getting 100,000 searches a week counts for nothing if your videos are never seen.

BEST ALL IN ONE RESEARCH TOOL (Market Samurai: Free Trial): 

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