For sure you need Channel Art so your YT Channel page looks professional – use a free tool like  to get started on that.

Plus you need to SEO your Channel page too – more on that in a later module.

But as far as your videos go, pre-creation and pre-upload do you have a nice eye-catching Thumbnail ready to upload?

If you want to create one yourself you can now do so inside YouTube once your video is uploaded. The issue I have with that is that you can’t ‘optimize’ your Thumbnail with metadata ( more on Thumbnails and metadata in a later module)

But how about a short video ‘intro’ – 5 to 10 (MAX!) seconds long – showing up before your main video and audio kicks in?

It makes your videos look more professional for sure and, of course, you only need the one and re-use it.


You are spoiled for choice really but using any of the above you can likely get something funky for under $15/20.

The same can be said for ‘Outro’ videos, a Call To Action for the viewer to DO something: Subscribe to the Channel / Like the Video / Watch the Next Video or Click the Link Beneath the Video

Or any combination of the above. What do YOU want your viewers to do? The fact is that you HAVE TO TELL THEM!

AND having an Outro ( video or image) delays YouTube from showing ‘related videos’ and distracting your viewer with videos of funny cats etc. 🐱😸😻


AND a cool Thumbnail will get you WAY more views than just letting YouTube choose one for you. PLUS, done right, you can optimize your Thumbnail too ( more on that in another module).

You can download this Thumbnail (below) as a .psd file HERE and edit every aspect: colors, text, images, icons and fonts. 

Simply upload the file to a great FREE online image editor. So no PhotoShop required!

Lots of video tutorials on using Photopea are on YouTube – here’s a short one:

Edit each ‘layer’ as you see fit and, once happy go to File > Export and save as .jpeg file to your computer. Just be sure that the ‘layer’ you are editing is highlighted (by clicking on it) in the Layers Window, bottom right.

I, Shelly Swanzy, personally use an app called Thumbnail Blaster to create my Custom Thumbnails. The great thing about it is that it has built in videos with step by step instructions that are easy to follow along even for newbies and non-techies. You can check it out here.

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