I learned pretty early on that a good, enticing video Thumbnail was WAY more likely to get a click than a boring one!

That’s me in the middle 😎

Made me a lot of commissions too year in, year out!

(Note the ‘Title’ is Click Bait too!)

Just check out some popular YouTube Channels and look at their thumbnails – I’m pretty sure they will not only look cool but perhaps even be consistent in style to ‘brand’ that YouTube Channel.

Not got an artistic bone in your body? Fear not! But first let’s cover the basics,,,,

Sure Thumbnails are small BUT you want to upload BIG ones. I create them as 1280 pixels by 720 pixels – that’s roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Yes, YouTube have access to a built-in Thumbnail creator you can use inside your YT Admin area but I prefer to create, optimize and upload my own for SEO purposes ( see ‘Pre-Upload’ modules in the Mind Map)

AND if your Thumbnail shows up in YT search ( called an ‘impression’) and is NOT clicked on then that counts against you. Your CTR ( Click Through Rate) is diminished which will lower your rankings.


Like I said previously, I, Shelly Swanzy, personally use a Thumbnail Creator App you can check it out here.

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