Metadata is the text and code ‘hidden’ inside jpeg images and mp4 video files ( those are the ones we are interested in) and at its most basic, metadata is all the readable information associated with a digital file.

Mostly it was set up so that images contained copyright information – who took the photo, when was it taken, what kind of camera etc.

Documents might contain metadata regarding the author and publication date of an article – you get the general idea.

YouTube reads the metadata of all the files you upload.

We can take advantage of this, incorporating metadata (i.e. ours – search terms etc.) into the files we upload to YouTube i.e. our .mp4 video files and our .jpeg Thumbnail images and Channel Page art.

In the past just renaming a video file with the search term you wanted to rank for was considered cutting edge SEO but we can do more than that…

In Windows find your .mp4 video file – the one you are going to upload and ‘right click’ on it and choose ‘Properties from the menu that appears

And start adding content. With mp4 files you are somewhat limited but in your Thumbnail jpegs you can add a lot more….

MP4 File


When it comes to uploading .jpeg thumbnails maybe upload 2 or 3 all perfectly optimized with metadata – sure you can only choose one to use but the more you can get YT to see what your video is looking to rank for so much the better.

If you already have our Thumbnail Blaster tool to create awesome Thumbnails consider NOT uploading them direct to YouTube from the App, but instead download to your computer an SEO them as above before uploading to your Channel.

Promoting a ‘real world’ Local Business? Consider adding the link to their address in Google Maps or ‘Google My Business’ in the comments area or just their address plain and simple!

In a later training about Thumbnails I’ll talk about how YouTube and Google are that smart these days they can ‘see’ your image.

But here’s another benefit of optimising your Thumbnail – it means it will likely show up in Google ‘Image’ search and link straight back to your video!

Why not use this technique when uploading your Channel Art too?

Working on a Mac?

The ‘right click’ stuff above doesn’t work on a Mac unfortunately but the good news is that you can use free software like MetaZ for Mac to do the same.

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