In a perfect set up  your Video Title would contain your targeted search term and a Call To Action – you want YouTube to be in no doubt as to what your video is about and its target audience:

“Product Name Review” + My Bonus Details – Don’t Miss Out! 

Where ‘Product Name Review’ is your search term


“Product Name Review” – Get my Cool “Product Name Bonus”

In this case I have incorporated my first and second targeted search terms ‘Product name review’ and ‘Product Name Bonus’

Plus you can use Emojis to make your Title stand out more in the rankings and search results pages:

“Product Name Review” – 👓My “ Product Name Walkthrough” and Bonus 🎯

Copy and paste emojis from  sites such as:

Since your video Title is what shows up under your Thumbnail if you get into Google search results you want YOUR Title to be the one that’s clicked and not your competitors video which sits next to it…

In YouTube search results the first line of your Description shows up too ( covered in next module) and in a future module we’ll be looking at the reason why the two search engines ( Google or YouTube) often show different results.

Another point to consider, if you are promoting a local business, is to consider putting the business’s telephone number in the Title…

But current thinking leans to placing it in the first line of your Description instead – this means a potential client can call your business straight from the search results and doesn’t even have to watch the video

A final thing to consider is that you can change you Title and Description in the future to try and get on page #1 another way if your current Title simply won’t get you there.

AND a Final/Final Take away 😏 re your Titles is not to get too hung up on the SEO aspect, Sure get your search term at the beginning but make the remainder a ‘reason’ for somebody to click e.g….

How To Lose Weight  | Lose Weight Fast

Or, better…

How To Lose Weight  | Love Handles GONE in 4 Weeks!

Here’s a FUN Title Generator so you don’t get too hung up on the SEO bit 😋


I recommend Lingo Blaster. Translates your Titles and Descriptions to multiple languages automatically ( you simply link the App. to all your YT Channels). Great for SEO and increases the likelihood of your video showing up in searches by non-english speakers…

Recommended Tool: Lingo Blaster

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