Tags are another way of informing YouTube what your video is about and where they should rank it. Single words, short phrases, peoples names perhaps, that give YouTube a Big Picture overview of your video’s content. So anything related to your video content. For Example if my video was about James Bond I’d include tags such as:

007,sean connery,license to kill,Miss Moneypenny,MI5,Spectre etc.

So your first Tag would be the main search term you are looking to rank for. Others would be your secondary search terms and others that you feel are related.


Type your main search term into Google. Scroll down the page to the bottom and copy the search terms that Google shows under the text : Searches related to xxxxxxxxx

Using those terms as the tags after your main one makes sense!

Another simple way to find relevant Tags is to check out the videos currently ranking for your chosen search term. Or you can use the free version of tools such as:

They are both similar so just choose one – I use TubeBuddy. When installed ( they also come as Google Chrome Browser Extensions) they will analyse the videos you are checking out and offer suggestions on how to improve yours ( Tags being a part of that).

You will have to upgrade if you want their full analytic power but the free versions do offer great insight.

The problem is that when you are looking, say, at a competitors video YouTube does not let you see ALL the Tags that video is using.

A free manual way around this is to, on the page in YouTube where you are watching your video, find some white space and ‘right click’ on your mouse. Choose the ‘View Page Source’ option from the menu that appears, click it and that brings up the ‘code’ with which the page is created.

Looks like a bunch of gobbledegook but don’t worry 🤔

Now on your keyboard press CTRL and F this brings up a little search box at the top of the page.

In that box type: keywords. The word will now be highlighted on the page and to the right of it are a load of tags that you can copy.

Now go back to the search box and you’ll see that there are numbers: 1 / 2 and an up and a down arrow. Clicking those arrows will show you that there are two instances on that code page where tags can be found. Sometimes the tags in both sections are the same, sometimes you will find more.


I, Shelly Swanzy, recommend the Video Marketing Blaster Tool. You have to purchase the Pro Version to Spy on The Top Ranking Video Information from YouTube. Enter a search term and check out all the information on the top ranking videos – Titles, Descriptions, Tags, Views and loads more with just a click. Saves you hours/days of research time and give you an immediate insight as to whether ranking for that search term will be Easy or Tough

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