Getting comments on your video tells YouTube that your viewers are engaged enough to interact and this is a good thing ( even if the comment is a bad one!)

Personally I set my videos to receive ‘approved’ comments only – that’s optional but you can set that up as you choose in the ‘Advanced’ Tab when editing your video page on YT.

Make sure the first comment is your own, perhaps mentioning your search term again and your ‘link’. Then ‘Heart’ it and ‘Pin’ it so it stays at the top when other comments come in.

Get into the habit of ‘Liking’, ‘Hearting’ and/or replying to people’s comments as they come in.

More on ‘Advanced’ Tab settings in a later module.

It’s also good practise to comment ( when signed in to the channel you are using to promote stuff) on other peoples videos, preferably in the same niche as this not only confirms to YouTube that your channel is focused on that niche.

AND that your channel is used to view content and not just post it!

It’s important that YouTube does not get the impression that you are using their platform purely to promote your stuff!

More on strengthening your Channel in a later module.

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