Once your video has been set to ‘Publish’ and so will get indexed by YouTube. Once you have, at least, one Comment beneath it the first thing is to share it via Social Bookmarking that will speed things up.

YouTube encourages you and your viewers to do this immediately under each video so that’s a good place to start…

And there are around 10 sharing platforms there so share with  the ones you have accounts with.

You also have an <embed> option which is cool if you have a Blogger account for example. I suggest you at least set up accounts via Blogger/Tumblr/Pinterest plus chances are you have a  Facebook account already – that will get you some traction. That’s enough for now.

But bear in mind that this is not ‘Backlinking’ per se ( that will be covered extensively in another module).

If you want to take  Social Bookmarking a step further I’d suggest saving that until you start a solid Backlinking Campaign – more on that later.

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