As you are likely aware you can have multiple YouTube Channels under one Google account and it makes sense for each channel to focus on one niche. 

But a new channel lacks ‘Authority’ and one way to increase that is to view other peoples videos in your niche while signed in as that channel and add a positive comment every now and then. Like a few of those videos and add to Playlists.

TIP: Login to the YT Channel you want to add ‘Authority’ to and ‘watch’ some full length movies – when I say watch I mean in a new tab with the sound turned off while you get on with other tasks. You can find a big list of movies here:

Just resist the urge to actually watch them!

(This is on my extensive ‘To Do’ list as it should be on yours)

This tells YouTube not only that your interest is in the niche you are uploading videos about but also that you are ‘active’ on YouTube.

Most marketers make the mistake when surfing around YouTube is the use their main ‘personal’ channel and not their sub channels.

Now with my Joke Laboratory channel it helps that it’s about comedy and comedians as it’s no hardship for me to watch comedians videos and post a comment etc. but I will also watch animation software tutorials, graphic design ‘how-to’ videos and the like as they too are relevant.

Also when I comment on somebody else’s video my little channel icon shows up and links to my channel page so I can generate traffic that way too.

So depending on your niche you might want to do similar.

Remember that YouTube wants everybody to stay on YouTube and be ‘active’ and get engaged.  That’s all well and good but I don’t have the time to spend hours watching videos SO I’ll turn my computer sound off

And find a really big Playlist of videos related to my niche and ‘watch’.

I’ll then carry on with my work in a new window. That way, as far as YouTube is concerned, I spend an hour or two per day on their platform.

If all you do on your channel is upload videos and never watch anything YouTube will notice and this will likely lower your video rankings.


If your videos are not ranking well there is nothing to stop you adding more text in your Descriptions, adding more Tags etc.

Get into the habit of checking your Analytics too. They will give you an idea of how long people are watching your videos and when they click away. Handy to know for your next video.

Also check your CTR ( click through rate) this is the % of people who have clicked on your Thumbnail in Google Search if this is low ( less than 10%) you might consider uploading a new thumbnail and even split-testing one against another over a period of time.

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