You Don’t need Backlinks to rank in YouTube!

YouTube ranking today is all about:

  1. Channel Authority – the busier you are on your channel the more YT favors you
  2. Watch Time – the more time people watch your video is a massive indicator to YouTube of its quality and that it is a good result for whatever the viewer was searching for when they decided to watch
  3. Engagement -Likes/Comments/Subscribes/Watch Later/Add to Playlist/Embed/Share – all good stuff and YT will reward you
  4. CTR – Click Through Ratio. How often was your Thumbnail/Title clicked in the Search Results? The higher the better
  5. SEO – Good relevant Title and Description

So it’s good to add some ‘Pattern Interrupts’ in your videos at certain points to keep people’s attention e.g. switch camera angle, do something stupid, add FX all the stuff those folks on TV do to keep us watching stuff even if it’s mindless dross!

Ask for Likes/Subscribes. Ask people to comment.

Build Playlists.

Google However….

The Big G. still pays attention to Backlinks. That’s why you can be #1 in YouTube and waaaay down the pecking order in Google. To fix that you’d need some Backlinking Juice.

But better to have one Backlink from a High Authority website than 1000 crappy links from hardly breathing sites.

Using Google Properties like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Sites, Blogger, Google Keep etc. and linking to your video is a good method I have found. I even wrote a course on it: Bam Bam Backlinks

Of course you can also create a Tumblr a/c and embed your videos there and send loads of backlinks to that Tumblr page so that the page acts as a ‘buffer’ between those 2nd tier backlinks and your video.


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