Getting your Description right, in content and format, is super important!

Here’s a LINK to a text doc. of a generic template that you can use.

But let’s run through the basics of a good description…


First comes your targeted search term followed by the url that you want your viewers to click. It’s important that you get that link in the first line or two as the rest of your description remains hidden until your visitor clicks the ‘Show more’ link…. e.g.

[Your Search Term] and you can find out more about [ niche keyword] on my Blog:

You are also going to mention that url a couple of times, in the middle and at the end, of you main description.


  • A paragraph of text summarizing what your video is about and you want to scatter related search terms ( look at your Tags for ideas) but make sure it reads ‘naturally) for your visitor.
  • Links to your Social Media Profiles ( Facebook etc.)
  • List of related search terms that relate to your video content.
  • Link to the url of the video  and your YouTube Channel subscription page
  • Affiliate Disclosure – recommended if you are promoting products
  • Finish with your search term in a sentence

The above will make more sense when you see it laid out in the Template HERE

There are other OPTIONAL elements you can add:

  • Links to related videos ( not necessarily yours)
  • Links to High Authority Pages ( niche related)

ALSO bear in mind that the first 125 characters or so of the first sentence in your description show up in search results so don’t make it BORING!


I recommend Lingo Blaster. Translates your Titles and Descriptions to multiple languages automatically ( you simply link the App. to all your YT Channels). Great for SEO and increases the likelihood of your video showing up in searches by non-english speakers…

Recommended Tool: Lingo Blaster

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