Setting up your own website isn’t expensive and relatively very simple to do. You can do it like I did This is the most affordable and extremely versatile website; that is easy to use.

Step One

Purchase a Domain name (you don’t need hosting etc) just the name. You can get a domain name for less than $10. I purchased mine here for $5 first year I’ve also purchased from Namecheap. . . just get your branded domain name. If you are unsure of what you want to use your website for then just use your first and last name for your domain name then you are not limiting yourself.

Step Two

Purchase VPS from Contabo All You Need To Do is click the circle next to Ubuntu 18.04 and then place order.

Step Three

After you have received access (login information for your domain and to your contabo account) Then you are ready to hire the man to install wordpress on your vps website and hook the domain up.

Step Four

You can go here to order your website set up (premium package) it is just $45 one-time fee. You will first create a free account and then you will need to click on Fiverr Pro and then do search for wonsterprime (user). The video below will walk you through ordering from fiverr. I did forgot to include the domain name when I submitted order but wonsterprime reached out to me on fiverr and asked. . .wow he was extremely quick this time less than 6 hours and my website was ready! So make sure to include your domain name in the section where you provide the login information for your domain company.

Then your monthly fee will be $4.99 EUR (less than $6 mo USD) from Contabo and your one time a year domain name renewal.

Now You Have Your Website Set Up and can start setting it up to suit your business needs. You can use it as a blog, like e-commerce, anything you want.

The best thing about a Word Press Website is that there are so many awesome Word Press Plugins that make it so easy to do lots of things within your website.

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