Buy A Domain Name (this must be totally clean…you only need to buy the domain.  No hosting, no SSL, no upgrades, etc. . . I bought mine here for $5.00 Network Solutions  You can purchase domain anywhere but remember you don’t need anything else just the domain name.

Now You Need To Get Your VPS Buy Your VPS (it comes with 1 IP address) I bought mine here OVH for $3.35  Watch this video that will walk you through your purchase.

After You Receive Email from OVH saying your vpn is set up you need to check it for blacklisting  Watch this video to see how to do it and this is where you go to check  MX Toolbox          

You can watch this video to see how to add additional IP addresses

You can add up to 16 additional IPs for $3 each

  1.  Set Up Fiverr Account  (if you sign up through this link you’ll save 20% off your first order).  After creating your account move on to step 5.
  2. Hire The Fiverr Guy and do the $35 (US dollar) premium package

( PowerMTA * Email Marketing Software * DNS * SSL cert * Warm up guide and schedule).so that you get it all installed.   You will need to provide the Fiverr Guy With Info for him to set you up watch this video to see how to place your order. 

You will also need to let him know that you want MailWizz This takes 2-3 days. . . .I can also help you if you have questions (since this is the same route I took to set up mine)  After you receive notification from Fiverr that your all set up you need to do a few things.  Watch this video to learn how to set up your Ip’s according to the fiverr instructions.

Fiverr Install Txt Doc you need to download it.   Here’s a video to help you understand what it is.

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