I created Copy Cat Money to help YOU Grow A Successful Online Business with creative strategies, proven methods & action steps

Despite what you may think… an online business takes work. There is no such thing as quick and easy money. You have to build your online business just like you would have to build an offline business. However, it is possible to do if you are committed and consistent. You can build a successful online business in less than 2 hours per day. . . you just need to do daily action steps.

When I started online, September 2, 2018, I was excited and ready to start making money. I fell for all the same stuff that all “newbies” do. The misleading advertising tactics used by the “self-proclaimed gurus” to take our hard-earned money. They promise step by step training, instant payments, and hardly any work involved. It took me about two weeks to realize that doing what they were telling me to do was only going to leave me broke and discouraged. That’s when I decided to stop listening to them and figure out how to start building my business from zero; where they all started when they were new also. Within two weeks of doing this, I had earned my first $235 online. That was all I needed to light my fire. I continued researching, seeking knowledge, applying that knowledge and made over $10k my first year online. Now that I have figured out the “real” way to start and grow an online business … I want to help others to build the right way.

Please feel free to look around, grab some freebies, get affordable business tools and/or sign up for any courses that interest you. Check back often as I will be adding “Featured Dealz” that have short expiration time frames. Also please reach out to me if you need any help.

Founder of Copy Cat Money

Shelly Swanzy

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