This step by step video course will show you how to copycat your way to rank page 1 with your YouTube videos (product, biz opp, and services).

But that’s not all. . .we are so confident that this works and will work for you if you actually do the steps that we want you to create your own video showing your video on your computer before using the copycatting method and then after it is published to your youtube channel – showing where it is on page 1. We want you to use that video proof to earn yourself some money promoting it to your followers, list etc.

We have a two tier affiliate program: Tier one you earn 50% commissions and Tier two you earn 25%. . .so set yourself up and show proof that this course works (just like I did on my YouTube Channel) and make some money too!

Not only that as a Bonus: Included in this course is a video to show you how to step by step use the copycatting method to also get search engine traffic to your blog/website.

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