Tom Thumb Best Deals 11/18/2020 – 11/26/2020

Just 4 U Deals & Card Deals

Fresh Bunch Asparagus $ .97 lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $ .97 lb limit 10 lbs (Butcher)

Pork Shoulder Blade Roast $ .97 lb wrapped in meat area

Blue Bell 1/2 gallon Ice Cream $2.99 limit 2 digital coupon

Lucerne Sweet Cream Butter 16 oz $ .99 limit 2 digital coupon

Del Monte Golden Pineapple $ .99 limit 2 digital coupon

Extra Jumbo Raw Shrimp 2 lb bag $11.98 (only $5.99 lb) digital coupon

Jack Links Original Mega Jerky 8 oz (1/2 pound) BOGO (Buy one get one Free) $13.99

Gatorade Protein Bars 5 for $5.00

Libby’s Canned Vegetables $ .79 each


Just For You – Digital Coupons

You must add digital coupons to your Tom Thumb Rewards card to get them at an even lowered price; otherwise, you only get the regular sales price.

Lucerne Sweet Cream Butter 16 oz $ .99 limit 2

Blue Bell 1/2 gallon Ice Cream $2.99 limit 2

Del Monte Golden Pineapple $ .99 limit 2

Extra Jumbo Raw Shrimp 2 lb bag $11.98 (only $5.99 lb)

*other items are Card Price Listed

Paper Coupons

I only use paper coupons that come in the Mailbox with the weekly sales ads. It is the RetailMeNot Coupon Insert. I will only post when those FREE coupons match up to sales. So if you get these start saving them for future deals to save even more money at the register.

RetailMeNot insert 11/17/2020

Libby’s Vegetables save $ .50 when you buy 2 cans

Click image to get App

Ibotta App

If you don’t already have the Ibotta App go ahead and download it now.

Gaterade Recover Protein Bar, any variety 1 count only $1.00 back on 1 – can do a limit of 5 (perfect for the sale – makes them all FREE after Cash Back)

Click Image to Get App

Gatorade Sports Drinks is one of Fetch Rewards Brands that earns you Bonus Points when submitting receipt. . .you always get points regardless when you submit your receipts. Easy Peasy Ca$h Back!

Before You Shop

  1. Make sure you have an activated Tom Thumbs Card. You can get a Free Plus Card from any Tom Thumb. To Activate the card go to Tom Thumb and create an account using the Kroger Plus Card Number from the card you received.
  2. Click the link and sign in to Add the Digital Coupons
  3. Add the Digital Coupon(s)you want to use to your Tom Thumb Card. You can also add any other coupons that are available that will save you more money on things you need.
  4. Congrats you are finished with the Tom Thumb Coupons!
  5. If you have the Paper Coupon make sure you put it with your Tom Thumb Card.
  1. Make sure you have the Ibotta App you can click the link to get the app.
  2. Go into your Ibotta App and then search or click on Tom Thumb scroll down and find the coupons for Gatorade Recover Protein Bar and click on the + sign to add the coupon (if added it will turn into a green checkmark.)
  3. Congrats! You are done with Ibotta.
  1. If you have the Fetch Rewards App Great you are all set to grab these deals. If not go ahead and get Fetch Rewards App downloaded and ready now.
  2. Congrats! You are now done and ready to grab your points.

Go Shopping

  1. If you are purchasing the Gatorade Protein Bars open your Ibotta App go to Walmart and then click on the Offer for them. Then you can click on the Check Product barcode and scan the barcodes on the bars to make sure that you are buying the right ones to redeem the ca$h back reward after purchasing.
  2. Make sure that you have the cashier scan you Tom Thumb card or give them your phone number so that you get the Digital Coupons taken off of your purchase
  3. Also, don’t forget to give the cashier the Paper Coupon from Libby’s if you got it and are buying it.

After You Shop

  1. Make sure you have your receipt.
  2. Log into your Ibotta App
  3. Click on the Redeem Logo at the bottom and scroll down to choose Tom Thumb for Where You Made the Purchase.
  4. Now you’ll take a picture of your receipt…the whole receipt. Lets go click Continue
  5. Line up your receipt so the top is inside and the sides line up to the red frame and click the take pic icon continue to add until you have got your whole receipt. When finished click Submit.
  6. You have to select the items that you purchased and how many then scan the barcodes of each of the items (Gatorade Protein Bars,) before being finished.
  7. Now your finished with Ibotta Congrats! On your Ca$h back!!!
  8. If you also have Fetch Rewards go ahead and open your app and click on the camera icon to download your receipt in full and get some easy peasy points that will add up quickly for your Reward!

Congrats! On Your $cissorless $avings. .. .well mostly if you had the Free Paper Coupon.

FYI – always be on the lookout for coupons in the store. Sometimes they are on products, displays, lil machines hanging on shelves or laying somewhere. Grab a few and use them instantly if you are buying the item(s) or save them for later sales to get the best price.

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